Prep for Success

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The key to staying healthy is taking the time to meal prep! With only 1-2 hours on a Sunday you can have a weeks worth of meals.


We prefer to meal prep ingredients instead of prepping the same meal X5, (which can get boring). Easy ingredients that you can combine together to make healthy meals!

Prep for success when it comes to healthy eating.. the last thing you want to do is stand in front of your fridge looking for something to eat. That’s when fast food becomes way too appealing.
Here are some of our favourite ingredients to prepare:

1) protein – chicken breast/whole chicken, ground turkey/chicken or beef, salmon/fish, hardboiled eggs, slow cooker pork.
2) vegetables – an assortment of mixed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, peppers) roasted on a sheet pan, cauliflower rice, wash/dry lettuce, spiralized zucchini or sweet potato.
3) snacks – avocado hummus, spinach dip, ranch dip, “cheese” dip, dairy free yogurt, grain free granola – recipes in Healthy Comforts.
4) having breads, crackers, wraps, and bagels in the fridge or freezer make for a quick breakfast, or snack – Healthy Comforts cookbook.
Of course we aren’t prepping all of these ingredients at one time. We like to rotate them weekly. The goal is not to have the meals set but rather have ingredients that you can make a meal out of.
In addition we always have fresh fruit, nut/seeds and avocado to combine with any of our meals!!