Mushroom Coffee with Stevia & Monk Fruit Natural Sweetener

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Everyone needs a little sweetness in their life, but having a sweet tooth can have a detrimental effect on our health in so many ways. That’s why finding a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index is important for us as it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and contains no carbs.

One of our go-to sugar alternatives is Now Foods Organic Stevia & Monk Fruit Natural Sweetener. This keto-friendly, zero-calorie, natural sugar alternative is so versatile that it works great in both beverages and baked goods.

Pictured here is our morning pick-me-up – a delicious mushroom coffee, with carob powder and coconut milk. Since this sugar alternative is 200 times sweeter than real sugar, all you need is just a few drops. The best part is that we can carry it in our purse, and take it with us wherever we go!
Thanks @VistaMagCanada for helping us find our new favourite sugar alternative!