Finding Hope During These Uncertain Times

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During these uncertain times, it is easy to get our brains stuck in the numbers and facts related to COVID 19. Although it is important to know updated data on the status of the virus, too much of it can make our heads spin.

There are many people who, despite the unsettling times, continue to hope for a better future, and envision happier times ahead. It takes courage to continue to see the world in a positive light – to see the world as it is and find the beauty in the imperfections.
The Easter season brings us hope, and we need it even more now than ever. “Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost; For as dark as the road may seem there is always light at the end of it”. The amazing thing about our human experience is that we always have a choice. The choice to make better decisions, and to align our thoughts and words with our actions.
We could choose to value people and our environment over things.
We choose to act on love, rather than fear, hate and anger.
We choose to honour the collective, rather than focusing only on the self.

In this time of physical distancing, we can choose to embrace the quiet and stillness. We can reflect on the kind of future that we want so that it can come to us in full clarity. We can envision a future where we live fully and meaningfully, with our hearts open, and living life as we are meant to be. Happy Easter to you and loved ones! 🕊