Paleo, Yeast Free Bagels

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Fresh baked, paleo, yeast free bagels are a Sunday staple. Up until we changed our diet, we had no idea making bagels from scratch could be so easy… hadn’t even thought about it.

We used to drive 40-45 minutes to one of our favourite bagel shops on Sunday mornings… they were fresh out of the oven and delicious. Unfortunately the bagels never made it home!

Dealing with health issues: migraines, acne, digestive issues, joint pain, weight issues, fatigue…. I turned to the paleo diet or an anti-inflammatory diet where you remove grains, dairy, and refined sugars. Removing these foods showed quick and steady improvements in my health… the only problem was, I LOVED BREAD!

I went right to work experimenting in the kitchen with grain free flours (almond, arrowroot, coconut), and when I finally got it right, I found they not only tasted amazing but I didn’t miss the wheat at all!

All this is to say, whether you follow a grain free diet or not these bagels are easy to make, delicious and something you can feel good about giving your family.
Change is difficult, you have to decide if you’re an “all in” or “baby step” kind of person. No matter how you decide to take this journey Healthy Comforts is an amazing resource of over 150 easy to follow recipes from breakfast to desserts and can ease the transition!

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