Making the Perfect Eggs

Wanna see my foolproof method for perfect eggs every time? I use two things everyone has… a pot and a stove!

There are numerous tutorials and instructions on how to make the perfect soft and hard boiled eggs on IG, FB and on the internet. Most of them instruct you to place eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, once boiled remove from the stove top and allow to sit for 15 minutes. This was the only way I made my eggs but found there was never any consistency. One time they peeled nicely, the next I lost half my egg!! Lately it’s been how to make perfect eggs in an Insta Pot but not everyone has an Insta Pot so I wanted to show you my foolproof method for perfect eggs every time using two things everyone has… a pot and a stove!  I start by taking my eggs out of the fridge just before I put the water to boil, so they have a few minutes to warm up. Next fill a pot with enough water that will cover the eggs. Once water is boiling, either reduce heat to a simmer or remove the pot from the heat. This will prevent the eggs from bouncing around and cracking. Add eggs to the pot using a slotted spoon or a mesh skimmer.
For perfectly soft boiled eggs – set timer for 6 minutes

For slightly soft yolk – set timer for 10 minutes

For perfect hard boiled eggs – set timer for 14 minutes.
Once the eggs have reached cook time, pour out the water and add cold water. If you are cooking both soft and hard boiled eggs remove the soft boiled eggs after 6 minutes and place in a cold bowl of water to stop the cooking process and continue cooking the rest of the eggs. Peeling the eggs under cold water also helps peel easier. I usually make a few eggs, peel them and store in a glass container so I have them ready to go for snacks, lunches and salads.

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