Healthy Eating – Food for Thought

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Eating healthy is a form of self-respect and should be viewed as a benefit not a burden.

The food we eat gives our bodies the “information” and material it needs to function properly.
Eating highly processed foods and sugars may taste good in the moment and are easily accessible but our bodies don’t thrive on this type of diet.

When it comes to everything else in our lives, we want the very best… homes, cars, school, clothes etc. We need to think of what we’re feeding our bodies in the same way!

There truly is no better gift than the gift of health – A gift for yourself or you may have someone in your life that’s suffering with certain symptoms and may require an anti-inflammatory menu plan.

This type of dietary lifestyle could help to show that no one needs to eat bland food. Our recipes cover the classic comfort foods such as pizza, pasta, bagels, breads, sweet treats and are delicious, kid-approved and easy to follow!

Healthy Comforts is about enjoying good food whether you have dietary restrictions or not. The greatest compliment is when people say “this is healthy”?! Our recipes are inspired by the foods we grew up eating and wanted to make sure they were every bit as delicious.

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