Ganache Fudge with Pistachios

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Playing around in the kitchen yesterday, I came up with delicious ganache fudge (silky, smooth and creamy).

While enjoying it, I couldn’t help thinking it reminded me of a childhood favorite treat of mine… the fudgsicle! In my attempt to hold onto the last bit of summer I’ll be making this recipe again, but pouring it into popsicle molds instead!


Ganache Fudge with Pistachios



  • 1/2 cup dairy-free chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream
  • 1 tbsp hazelnut butter
  • 1 tbsp collagen protein
  • handful of crushed pistachios



  • Place a medium size pot on the stove over low heat. Once simmering (make sure water doesn’t boil, or your chocolate will seize) add a glass bowl over the pot, making sure the bowl does not touch the water. 
  • Add the chocolate chips, coconut cream, and hazelnut butter. Once melted, remove from stove and add the collagen protein. Stir well to combine. 
  • If you're making fudge - line a small container with parchment paper and pour the chocolate mixture in. 
  • Sprinkle the top with crushed pistachios and place in the fridge or freezer to set. 
  • If making fudgsicles, pour into popsicle molds, place the sticks in and freeze. Once set, run the bottom of molds under warm water so the fudgsicles are easy to pull out.