Emotional Eating – Changing your Mindset

Emotional eating can sometimes get the best of us. Jennifer Louden describes ‘shadow comforts’ the things we use to comfort ourselves, such as food. Many of us will use food to help deal with stress, hide our imperfections, and suppress our anxieties and deeply rooted truths.

Louden explains, “When you choose shadow comforts, you choose less.
Less aliveness.
Less desire.
Less connection.
Less creativity.
Less of your true life.

That’s not true when you choose healthy comfort. Healthy comfort regenerates you, so you feel more alive and more yourself.”

Louden reminds us that the way to counteract stress eating is exercising our ability to choose to eat what we like- at the same time, savour it, enjoy it, without guilt or anger. Being mindful of our relationship with food and incorporating gut-friendly, wholesome and nourishing ingredients is a form of self respect and an expression of self-love.

Check out our chart that focuses on mindset.  It illuminates the choices we can make in the quality of our thoughts and helps us to foster a growth mindset.

This is why we are so passionate about what we do. Our mission at Healthy Comforts is to remind others that they have a choice. Encourage, educate and inspire others to enjoy food, especially our comfort foods, as food is meant to be enjoyed! What food choices will you savour today? Photo by @allysandracervantes

Healthy Comforts – A collection of over 150 recipes that are free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy and refined sugar. By Lena Ferrara, C.I. and Melinda Rapallo-Ferrara, MEd.

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