Cooking is love made visible

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“Cooking is love made visible”. We love this quote and it’s a foundational belief in what we do with Healthy Comforts.

Both of us grew up in Italian families, where food was always the center of attention. We celebrated holidays, birthdays and other special occasions through our favourite comfort foods. We prepare wholesome food, out of a desire to love and nurture our loved ones and ourselves. We could have the best intentions and thinking that we are eating well, but we are still experiencing inflammation, headaches, gas, bloating, and sugar cravings. When the gut is comprised, through the common food allergens (gluten, dairy, wheat, grains, refined sugar, soy), it impacts all of our body systems.
We share our recipes in our cookbook, Healthy Comforts, where we eliminate the most common foods that cause sensitivities. At the same time, we don’t believe in feeling deprived. We have discovered that the key to vitality is keeping our comfort foods near, and simply making them healthy, using alternative ingredients. We include delicious and flavourful recipes that include healthy fats, vegetables and a moderate amount of high-quality protein. By eliminating the common allergens for 4-6 weeks, you can better identify what food sensitivities you might have, and slowly integrate them back into your diet to see if reactions occur. Re-integration of these foods is an individualized choice – the foods that you might react to will be different from the foods that someone else might react to.

We hope that you find inspiration in our recipes and have fun in the kitchen nourishing your families and friends! ❤️