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Join our Holistic Living Summer Challenge

In honour of the beginning of summer, we are embarking on a free Holistic Living Summer Challenge!  For the next 21 days, starting July 1, we will share a lifestyle tool on our social media and website. Here, we provide lifestyle tools to help you honour yourself in small, simple and practical ways that you can integrate into your day. Get your copy of the Summer Challenge at the bottom of this post!

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Finding Hope During These Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, it is easy to get our brains stuck in the numbers and facts related to COVID 19. Although it is important to know updated data on the status of the virus, too much of it can make our heads spin.

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Keeping a Healthy Pantry During a Quarantine

Having a healthy pantry is always a good idea, but especially important right now during these uncertain times. Knowing you have a stocked pantry, fridge and freezer will give you the freedom to prepare nutrient dense foods to support your immune system while you hunker down.
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New Year Evolution

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk evolutions.  With another new year just around the corner, it’s easy to fall into the resolution TRAP – where we make a resolution in January, only to let it fall by the wayside a few weeks later.
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Gut Health & You

Growing up in Italian families, food was always the center of attention. We celebrated holidays, birthdays and other special occasions where our favourite comfort foods were central to our celebrations. We prepare wholesome food, out of a desire to love and nurture our loved ones and ourselves. We could have the best intentions and thinking that we are eating well, but our choices can compromise the gut.

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Healthy Comforts – A collection of over 150 recipes that are free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy and refined sugar. By Lena Ferrara, C.I. and Melinda Rapallo-Ferrara, MEd.

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