Nature’s Multi-Vitamin

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Eggs – one of the most nutritious foods to consume and often considered “nature’s multi-vitamin”. Eggs are loaded with vitamins: B2, B12, B5, A, and selenium. Eggs also contain small amounts of every vitamin and mineral your body needs.

One of the biggest myths that has been debunked by numerous studies is that eggs raise the risk of heart disease. While eggs, specifically the yolk contain cholesterol, its important to realize that dietary cholesterol such as egg yolks have minimal affect on cholesterol in the blood. Your liver actually produces cholesterol everyday. The amount it produces depends on how much dietary cholesterol you take in from foods. Study’s also indicate that eggs actually improve cholesterol profile.
Eggs are also loaded with choline, often grouped with the B vitamins, and is essential for the human body especially the brain. Also rich in Lutein, ziaxanthin and antioxidants – important for eye health.
Eggs are a source of exceptional protein – protein is the building blocks of our body’s. There are 9 essential amino acids that our body’s can’t produce and we must get it from our diet. A quality protein source is determined by the amounts of these essential amino acids – eggs are one of the best sources of protein in the diet. In fact the biological value (BV) of an egg is 💯! We love eggs – one of our favorite ways to enjoy them is by making a frittata! We often have frittatas for a relaxed Sunday brunch or for a busy week night dinner. Extremely versatile and quick to make!